This is a project recorded entirely with GoPro.


We were for 7 days traveling around Morocco, in a car. 


The intention was to capture everything that our eyes were seeing each kilimetro, to edit the project chronologically, so that everyone can join us to travel. 


Want to give a special thanks to people who helped make this trip, discover some of the most beautiful places in the world.


We hope you enjoy it



Production - LaMoscaCG

Director - Loyda Navarro

Art Director - Yonathan Moreda

Script - Juan Segura

Director of photography - Yonathan Moreda

Video Editing - Loyda Navarro

Postproduction - Miguel Sorni

Camera Man - Yonathan Moreda / Loyda Navarro

Soundtrack - SHPONGLE - Ineffable Mysteries



- computer graphics & digital artist studio -